I've danced,
I've sung,
I've given birth,
I've laughed,
I've succeeded.
Why is everyone so sad?

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Alice Pequeno
May 27th 1920 - May 17th 2011
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Alice Mary (Hilda) Caires Pequeno of Lincoln Rhode Island is a widow of the late Benjamin Gonsalves Pequeno  5-31-1909 / 6-14-1996
Born in Central Falls, she is the Daughter of the late John & Maria Figueira Caires, who in 1927 moved to Paterson, N.J till 1933, moving back to Central Falls (during the depression). She graduated from Central Falls High in 1938. In 1942 moved to Pawtucket and in 1965 to Lincoln Rhode Island.
She worked for 30 years in several area worsted textile mills as a winder. Retired in 1972, she enjoyed traveling to many countries.
She belonged to Saint Anthony's Church in Pawtucket for 35 years, then moved to Lincoln and joined St. Jude's Parish for 40 years.
She had one sister Mary Jo Caries (April 15th 1923 - October 18th 2009) of Folsom California who joined her here in Rhode Island to Spend there last years together.
Alice is loved deeply by family members Gloria Caires of California, Corinne Handing of Norway, Joanne Avery, Maria & Ben Pequeno of Lincoln


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Farewell Melody


You are smiling at me.
I see my reflection in your eyes.
I've finally found someone
who speaks my language


I am not here anymore.
somewhere else is  where I am,
A place so hard to find,
you cannot see me here
or visit me there
or wish me out of this anywhere.
If this  is where I am supposed to be,
why can't I find me?
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